Thursday, August 9, 2007

Legal versus moral

I just received notice from the architect's office, Seldorf ( that they could have expanded further, but didn't as a matter of courtesy. That's kind of like saying, "I'm going to torture you, but not kill you." See how merciful I am?

There is no question that their expansion is legal, the question is whether it is right to block off people's windows just because the code allows them to. We live in a 300 SF apartment. The Zwirners probably won't even go into the area of their 14,000 SF mansion that blocks off our light. Legal, yes. Moral, no!!

Someone told me that they had hired a Gypsy to put a curse on the Zwirners and the architectual firm. That's probably legal, but it's neither moral or ethical (personally, I'm not superstitious, but wishing ill on folks is never good).


Anonymous said...

Do you know what lot line windows are? Look it up. You don't own the property line with lot line windows you fool.

You should be happy that there were windows on your lot line for the time you did instead of some blank wall that is supposed to be there instead.

Read the rules, read the laws and stop being a fool.

And yes, thank Curbed for this comment too. I'm sure you like the traffic it brings even if everyone thinks you lazy asshats are total tools.

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