Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Zwirners are online

When we first started this blog, it took about 3 months to get indexed in Google, presumably because someone kept flagging it as inappropriate. (Hey, Blogger is OWNED by Google.)

One of our neighbors wrote a Wiki entry on David Zwirner last year. This entry briefly mentioned his career and noted that he was in a dispute with his neighbors. The Zwirners (I no longer have the IP, damn!) modified their Wiki, removing the link and filling in some of the details of his life. Now it has been taken down, along with the history of the entry. Too bad, because it is almost certainly the Zwirners (or one of their many employees) that they have been posting positive comments about themselves here and on Curbed!


Sure there are always folks who make suspect comments on blogs, but all of the pro-Zwirner entries are logged in as anonymous guest users. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

I have left positive comments on David Zwirner on this blog and I do not work for him or know him personally. Really. I just think attacking him for being a successful ( and fantastic) art dealer is ridiculous. His gallery shows a lot of great artists and he has consistently taken risks, not the obvious ones. I am thankful for the shows he has put up, they have given me great joy and if there is people like you who want to attack him, there is people like me who will defend him. Calling his dad a Nazi, that's low, his father is very progressive.

By the way, I do think that one of the first pro-DZ comments was written by his "people", too many details and synthax of a German speaker.

I do not live next to him, but if I did I would probably be jealous too. Also, how could anyone be shocked about Manhattan? What are you expecting? Low-income housing? I live in Brooklyn so I don't have to bump into NYU and i-banker vermin on every corner...

Maybe if you changed this blog into something less personal it would reflect better on you. You can attack your neighbor on his construction hours, etc...but in terms of his professional life, you picked the wrong one to call out.

Anonymous said...

The father is NOT a progressive in any regard.

The man is genuinely evil, a mean, back-stabbing gossip, a very jealous man, loser of many marriages, a misogynist, vile destroyer of relationships out of spite, a control maniac of the very worst kind.

And DEFINITELY an anti-semite (Gladstone notwithstanding? Sure…). But this is typical of the German culture, especially of his generation.

The son was a music student, a rather respectable aspiring jazz drummer. The absurdity that he went into dealing art is a farce, and entirely against his early impulses (But then marrying a manipulative, arrogant, Upper West Side yuppie/fashionista-wannabe is enough to twist any mans mind, especially if there’s Manhattan money to be made).

Perhaps he is unhappy doing this fraudulent business of the emperor’s new clothes (especially having no natural impulses about visual art), perhaps this is why you find him obnoxious.

The son is a good man at heart, but the father is a very difficult father indeed, someone a son would spend all his young energy trying to out-do, or impress. Megalomania is born of insecurity.

It's very odd, a whole block of buildings? Buy this boy a book on small houses and move him back to Cape Cod with his drum-set, so he can find the path with heart again, before it's too late!

Los Vecinos said...

To the first Anonymous poster: Do you really think that people at 228 E. 13th are jealous? How would you feel if someone came and bricked over your windows?