Monday, October 1, 2007

Making a home

Talking to people on 12th and 13th Sts., it's always striking how much people dislike having the Zwirners as neighbors.

It must be strange making a home while surrounded by folks that absolutely hate you.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I got linked from Curbed and I have to say you are a total tool! Get over the fact there is construction in NYC. You're pathetic and if you were my behaving this way, I would have hurt you a long time ago.

Just die already you asshat.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, anonymous! Get real.

Obviously Zwirner got one of his minions to try to put a spin on things. How pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Isn't his dad a nazi?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, so funny that they are trying to better their decaying public image this way.

berto said...

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